Even Dogs Can’t Smell What’s Inside

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Gonzo Bags are smell proof bags made in Humboldt County, USA. These are high quality, four millimeter thick polyethylene bags with industrial quality activated charcoal impregnated foam. This is the same type of filter used to scrub organic chemicals from contaminated air, purify water in aquariums, and many other situations where toxic or undesirable chemicals need to be eliminated. This smell proof bag is guaranteed to eliminate odors or your money back.

You can trust the revolutionary smell proof Gonzo Bag to safely store and totally eliminate odor emissions from whatever you have stored inside the bag (US patent number 8,840,306 B1). The unique design, combining an activated charcoal filter with a double walled bag and reusable enclosure, will allow you to store many odoriferous substances such as food, diapers, dog waste bags, herbs, and any smelly organic materials that you don't want to smell for weeks or months.

You can use Gonzo Bags to store food and keep it safe from bears and other animals while camping. You can put your used dog waste bags in one and carry it in your car to a disposal site without the unpleasant lingering smell. You can store and ship smelly items without fear of alarming odors or leaks. Even a dog can't smell what's inside! It has been tested and proven effective by Gonzo, a Malamute mix with a very large, sensitive nose!

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